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Hello ! This is my new simblr blog ! <3


hello, this is my simblr blog :). If you want you can follow me even tho I havn’t upload anything YET ! I am plannning to :) <3 Oh and I looking for blogs to follow so like this or wave, xD just attract my attention so I can follow you ! :D BAI.

Follow meh new blog :) ! I have upload thingies xD

New Blog

the name is The-BoHoWaysims , it’s a simblr blog I did just make it, so it’s not beautiful yet ( If it’s ever going to be beautiful lol ). But if you want you can follow meh. ;D

Fresh start

he I am going to make a new sims blog, because I want a fresh start and this account is old and I didn’t use it a lot, but I will keep this blog up, because there are downloads here :)) wow my english is getting better and better ( KIDINGG ) :)) OKAY so you guys know, I am going to make this blog NOW so when I know the name I will say it on this blog  on my page xx HAVE A LOT OF FUN MY DARLINGS <3



Brady Hollis for lagraziasims

I tried to make a good looking male sim like you wanted. I hope you like him! (:


  • Do whatever you want with him, he’s all yours! (:

CC Used:

Skin | Eyes | Hair | Eyebrows | Eyelash | Lips (dry lips) | Sweater | Chin cleft slider |

Enjoy him and have a very merry Christmas and a happy new year! (: <3

NICE . :3

I am bored so I am going to download IMVU again, was stopped bc it became a bit stupid but yea, I am curious how it is now :3.

I don’t know why I tell this but OK ^^ . 

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Hey! Its your SS! Guess what I'm working on.... Your present! I hope you have a wonderful day! (: <3

AWWWW SANTA ! <3 Thank you so much, I am so excited! I have a wonderful day, I hope you too? Lots of hugs !

Decorating my room ^^! ❤️💚❤️💚

Decorating my room ^^! ❤️💚❤️💚

”Happy Holidays !”

Well, I just noticed Roaring Heights is out :P . Little bit late? hahaha